7 Ways to Find a Professional Car Accident Attorney Near You


The trauma associated with car accidents can be more grievous than the event itself. This makes searching for professional car accident attorneys in Queens, NY, challenging.

 It is heartbreaking to see your property damaged, incur medical bills, lost wages, and incur financial losses as a result of a car accident.

 Most accident victims usually never get a full financial recovery due to their insurance company’s greed to make money off them.

You shouldn’t stress about fighting the insurance company alone to get the fair compensation you deserve. You should engage the services of professional car accident attorneys to recover compensation for lost properties.

Finding professional car accident attorneys to stand up for you can be tasking. There is vital information you should know while choosing an auto accident lawyer.

Let’s get started.

Finding a Professional Car Accident Lawyer Near You

Before settling on a lawyer, it’s essential to have detailed information about the lawyer who will represent you.

#1. How Respected is the Attorney?

Research the lawyer, the law firm they work for, and their relationships with colleagues and partners. Inquire other attorneys about the lawyer and listen to what they say. Also, do check through the firm’s website to get more information.

2. How Does the Attorney Work?

If the lawyer works alone, do they have an existing relationship with other people? If they work for a firm, what are their partners and colleagues saying about them?

Based on your car accident need, find out about the firm’s standards, size, awards, and experience. Make findings based on the lawyers’ years of experience in car collision issues. You need an attorney with the required resources in their office space and staff willing to help.

3. How Experienced is the Attorney?

Research the attorney’s strength in a car accident claim. Find out if the lawyer has ever taken up cases involving car accident claims and won. Some car accident issues lead to court cases; therefore, there should be a proven track record of successful court cases on personal injury.

Also, find out the attorney’s negotiation strength. Remember that most motor vehicle accidents cases are settled outside of court. Perhaps this isn’t a court case; can the attorney negotiate favorably on your behalf?

#4. How Does the Attorney Charge Clients?

Some at torneys are notorious for charging exorbitant fees, so you should hire an attorney who will only charge at the end of the case. Most attorneys charge a percentage of the compensation at the end of the case. You are required to know what their fees look like before engaging in such a service.

#5. What are people’s reviews and recommendations?

Find out if they are always available to communicate with clients and answer numerous questions. As a client, you might have a few questions to ask concerning motor accident issues; they should always give a listening ear.

Finally, look out for their client reviews if they are rated a 5 star by their past clients. Get recommendations from other attorneys, also.

These findings are relevant and will influence your choice of a personal injury lawyer to seek. Your preference will inform your decision on the type of car accident lawyer to engage.

How to Find a Professional Car Accident Lawyer in Queens New York

#1. Search For a Car Accident Specialist

Some lawyers are known for multitasking and don’t specialize in a particular field. They take up criminal, juvenile law, civil, health-related, and car accident cases. They are known as a jack of all trades.

While searching for an attorney, this set of lawyers should be avoided. You wouldn’t want such an attorney to take up your car accident case. You should hire Queen’s injury lawyers, who specialize in personal injury cases, specifically auto crash cases.

#2. Make Research on the Lawyer’s Track Record

Before engaging the services of a Queens car accident lawyer, make sure to research their track record to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Making research will reveal their achievements in car accident issues.

You want an attorney with several years of experience and a track record of success, whether in the courtroom or the negotiation process. You should want a lawyer who will be ready to go further in court rather than settling for the first offer from the insurance company.

#3. Browse Through Their Official Websites

The majority of attorneys now have online websites. It’s effortless these days to contact lawyers via their websites. You can search through your state bar association website for attorneys in your area.

Make sure you narrow down your search to places near you. Get the details of the attorneys so you can contact them. Some attorneys will provide you with a free consultation session where you can ask them questions regarding your case. Consulting an attorney will let you know whether you have a case.

Browsing through an attorney’s or their law firm’s website will give you a glimpse of what cases they handle.

#4. Request Recommendations

Recommendations and referrals boost the confidence of clients and give lawyers a good reputation. Close acquaintances may have been involved or know one who has been involved in car accidents; ask them about their lawyer.

You might find their lawyers competent enough to handle your car accident case. You should still have a backup plan by checking out other attorneys; perhaps a problem occurs.

#5. Go For an Accessible Lawyer

Accessibility is a quality that an automobile accident attorney must possess. It builds the relationship between the client and the lawyer. An auto crash attorney must be able to give listening ears and answer every question you may have regarding your case. They should always be available to communicate, dialogue, pick up and return calls.

Does your attorney return calls? Are they responsive to your calls? Are they available to answer questions? Look out for these qualities when searching for a lawyer.

#6. Use Attorney Referral Service

When you contact the attorney through referring service, you will be directed to an attorney who deals specifically with cases related to yours. It is an effective way to find a professional car accident lawyer.

People who use attorney referral services are mostly referred to one or more persons who deal with car accident cases and are allowed to make choices. Referrals are made based on specialization, location, and client preference.

#7.Schedule an Appointment

Clients are permitted to schedule appointments with the attorney they choose. Most law firms give free consultations to prospective clients.

Make a list of questions you would like to ask your attorney before the appointment. Scheduling an appointment with the lawyer gives you the maximum opportunity to ask those questions.

Also, meeting with the lawyer will help them gather the information and evidence needed to win the case.

Rate each lawyer based on their responses and gestures while answering your questions to enable you to make your final choice.

Steps to Take When Involved in a Car Accident.

Accidents usually happen in a flash, so the victim may find it difficult to believe until a few seconds later.

Getting involved in a car accident can make you confused the moment it happens. Therefore, you must be aware of the steps to take if you find yourself in such a situation.

#1. Call the Emergency Toll-Line

Generally, New York law states that accident victims should remain at the accident scene while they call for help. The emergency toll line was made available for situations like this.

Perhaps, if the victim moves away from the accident scene, the victim will be charged with a hit-and-run offense.

Regardless of the level of injury incurred, accident victims are advised to remain at the spot till an ambulance comes over.

In a situation where two drivers collide with one another, both drivers look after each other till security operatives and medical personnel arrive.

#2. Provide Your Information

Having the information of all the parties involved in a car accident is essential. All parties are mandated to provide information concerning themselves to the security operative.

It is essential to collect the names and details of drivers involved in the accident; perhaps you would want to file an insurance claim. This information is necessary when many parties are involved in having proof of fault.

#3. Give Your Report to the Police

Car accident victims should file a police report immediately when the accident occurs. Drivers who report to the police may get fair compensation from their insurance companies.

Insurance agencies generally don’t give maximum compensation to registered clients involved in car accidents. When you refuse to get a police report as proof after a car accident, your insurance agency can deny your compensation.

#4. Gather Necessary Evidence

Victims of car accidents should take photos and videos of the incident for reference purposes, as they will serve as evidence.

Keep track of the evidence gathered at the accident scene and ensure they are not cleared off. Insurance companies and car accident lawyers need this evidence as proof.

#5. Get to the Hospital

Car accident victims need to seek medical help immediately, whether injured or not.

Some accidents do not necessarily come with physical bruises; staying away from medical help may lead to internal bleeding or fractures, brain injury, back injury, or broken bones.

Getting medical help immediately after a car accident also helps victims gather evidence for further review by their insurance companies. Medical reports can stand as evidence to tender to get maximum compensation.

Not getting medical help can harm your claim of injury when it’s time for compensation.

#6. Speak to Your Insurance Company

Don’t hesitate to immediately speak to your insurance company about your car accident issue. Provide all the necessary information needed by the insurance company.

While providing information, ensure you don’t go overboard and jeopardize your chance of receiving maximum compensation for your claim.

Insurance companies also employ legal advisers who communicate with clients on their behalf; therefore, you should get a lawyer to communicate with them.

#7. Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident lawyers are your go-to when cases of car accidents arise. They specialize in standing as a mouthpiece for accident victims.

They ensure that car accident victims are not compensated for below-incurred losses. A professional Queen’s car accident attorney will not settle for compensation that cannot cover the victim’s expenses.

Contact a car accident lawyer to fix up your car crash issues.

Hire a Trusted Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a car accident and sustain a severe or mild injury, it is only fair you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

The process involved in getting maximum compensation is to hire a professional car accident attorney.

A law firm with attorneys who have track records of success and great achievements is your option.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Where Should I Look to Find a Good Car Accident Lawyer?

Hiring the wrong and incompetent car crash attorney is a great mistake. It will only lead to a waste of time and money.

To hire a professional attorney, you don’t have to contact every lawyer you come across in their adverts or billboards.

You can find a creditable lawyer by recommendation from friends or family. Recommendations from other attorneys can also help you find a competent car accident attorney.

Professional car accident attorneys are found on their websites and in the state bar association.

#2. What Should I Look For in a Car Accident Lawyer?

After compiling the list of attorneys, you wish to work with, write down questions you would ask each lawyer.

Compare each attorney’s response, modes of communication, level of expertise, understanding of the case, and experience. These qualities determine whose services you would engage in.

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