Why Should You Hire a Woodside Car Accident Lawyer?

Why Should You Hire a Woodside Car Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents can change your life in an instant. You may go from a healthy, active person to someone who must deal with chronic pain or a debilitating injury.

The physical and emotional trauma make it difficult to carry on with life. You may not be able to work or actively participate in everyday activities with those you love. The toll on your well-being is a high personal cost when someone else’s negligent actions cause you serious harm.

The law offices of Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates handles personal injury cases because we believe people deserve professional legal support after a devastating accident. It takes an experienced car accident attorney to handle a personal injury lawsuit due to the legal complexities.

These suits can take time, and the other’s party legal team will attempt to deny you justice and compensation. It is a critical decision to hire a Woodside personal injury lawyer who knows how to fight for you skillfully and aggressively.

Reasons Why Having Car Accident Attorneys in Woodside Matters

Reasons Why Having Car Accident Attorneys in Woodside Matters

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there has been a significant increase in auto accidents from 2020 onward. This information means that more insurance companies and defense attorneys are ready to fight accident victims who file claims.

The outcome of your case often hinges on successfully challenging the other party’s counterclaims. Don’t try to handle these negotiations alone. These are fundamental ways your attorney supports you through the legal process.

Looks at the Merits of Your Claim

Car accident claims are rarely as cut and dried as they may appear. There are important issues to evaluate before moving forward with a claim for damages.

You need to know you have a solid case and the facts to support it before proceeding. A Woodside car accident lawyer does an initial review and consults with you about the following steps to take.

Allows You the Opportunity To Focus on Your Health

Having an attorney handling the claims process is integral to a successful result. Another important reason to work with a lawyer is to get the time you need to heal. It is imperative to your case that you have a complete understanding of your injuries as determined by a medical doctor.

You need to know the extent of your injuries and what will help you recover. If your injuries lead to permanent disability, you need to understand what ongoing medical treatment is necessary. Medical records that document your condition and what it means for your future help determine the amount of compensation required for you to heal and reclaim your life.  

Provides You With Objective Counsel

In March 2022, 3,017 people suffered injuries in car accidents in New York, NY. Calling a car accident lawyer in Woodside is an essential first step to getting the help that can make a difference for your case.

After an accident, emotions and feelings about the event can overwhelm you. You need objective legal advice about how to move forward.

New York car accident lawyers put issues related to your case into perspective and lay out how your case should proceed. It is essential to have realistic expectations about timeframes and outcomes. It can take time with complicated issues to get the compensation you deserve, so the support and counsel of an attorney is a significant benefit.

Protects Your Legal Rights

Protects Your Legal Rights

When you have a car accident, you may not understand the extent of your legal rights in a case. A Woodside car accident lawyer possesses knowledge regarding insurance claims, personal injury law, and local laws that apply to your circumstances. An experienced attorney aggressively asserts and protects your legal rights.  

Moves Your Claims Process Forward

The claims process can be a daunting journey if you try to do it alone. Almost 96% of claims settle out of court, and an attorney helps keep the process moving. Settling is one thing, but getting fair compensation is another.

Insurance companies use a range of tactics to discourage people seeking monetary damages, so individuals take the dollar amount offered to resolve a claim. If you have permanent injuries, this could spell disaster for your future. You need compensation that fits your unique situation.

Helps You Recover Damages

Woodside personal injury lawyers use information about your medical and psychological condition to make a case for monetary damages. It is critical to factor in the effects of the harm you’ve suffered and what you could potentially suffer going forward.

A New York personal injury attorney typically has you record a journal to evaluate how your life has changed because of your accident and uses this along with medical records and other vital information to calculate damages and any potential monetary compensation.

These are critical factors that help determine a fair award amount:

  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost wages (past and future)
  • Loss of earning potential (related to permanent disability)
  • Rehabilitation costs (based on physical and occupational needs)
  • Personal care expenses (based on attendant care needs)
  • Pain and suffering (based on physical pain and mental anguish)
  • Property damage (tangible property losses)
  • Out-of-pocket costs (expenses you paid out due to the accident)

A recovery decision considers economic (monetary) and non-economic (non-monetary) losses. Aside from physical injuries, trauma can be equally devastating. After an accident, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs in many individuals who are seriously hurt.

This type of condition can remain a persistent problem throughout a lifetime. This is why including compensation for pain and suffering is necessary to help you receive the therapeutic health services you need to reclaim your life.

Talk With a New York Car Accident Attorney

Talk With a New York Car Accident Attorney

Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates is the law firm you need to take on insurance companies or legal representatives in a personal injury case. It is crucial to have help navigating the legal system, and our hard-working attorneys stand ready to provide support. With 60 years of combined experience, we are confident about what we have to offer our clients for all kinds of personal injury matters, including medical malpractice and car accident cases.

Auto accident victims are often scared and overwhelmed about the future. A car accident lawyer in Woodside determines if you are eligible for financial compensation. Contact us right away for a free consultation and excellent service!