Case Results

Since 2001 Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates, P.C. has obtained millions of dollars for its clients. Many of our cases resulted in settlements or verdicts in excess of a million dollars, some of which were obtained with the assistance of outside trial counsel.

- $117 Million -

Record-setting, highest jury verdict in New York state for 2022 for a single plaintiff, obtained on behalf of a New Yorker who suffered disabling injuries as a result of a vehicle /pedestrian incident

- $10 Million -

Jury verdict for an elderly Bronx woman who tripped and fell while visiting Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville.

- $4.9 Million -

Compensation for a union worker who fell off a defective ladder. Our client suffered severe spinal injuries causing him to undergo multiple surgeries. Our trial counsel secured a significant pre-trial settlement of $4.9 Million Dollars for the client’s pain and suffering as well as economic damages.

- $4.7 Million -

Settlement obtained after a $4 Million verdict was appealed by the defendant for a working mother who sustained severe injuries to her back, right shoulder, and right elbow requiring multiple surgeries. She was a passenger on a NYC Transit Authority bus when the bus driver lost control and struck a utility pole. We obtained $4.7 Million compensation for our client after a successful appeal.

- $4 Million -

Settlement for hotel maintenance worker who suffered permanent back and shoulder injuries while in a car crash rendering him unable to work. Our trial counsel was able to establish that this intersection collision was caused by the negligence of the defendant driver.

- $3.5 Million -

Recovery for 54 year old bricklayer seriously injured in a three car collision where he suffered spinal injuries requiring him to undergo two surgeries.

- $3 Million -

Settlement for a retired 74 year old immigrant who was viciously attacked by a pack of stray dogs on the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk in Queens. Our client sustained severe injuries from the dog bites including blindness as well as other long lasting physical and psychological problems. The City of New York denied having notice that the stray dogs were living on city-owned vacant land. Our firm hired an animal-behavior expert who opined that the dogs must have been living on city property and hunting together as a pack for several months prior to the incident. The City of New York paid Three Million Dollars to settle our client’s case.

- $2.9 Million -

Settlement for a client in his late 30s who injured his back in a car collision. The accident was caused by a bus driver who disregarded a stop sign.

- $2.7 Million -

Compensation obtained for a store manager who sustained severe head and neck injuries due to a fixture in the store falling on his head.

- $2.5 Million -

Settlement recovered for metal polisher who suffered spinal injuries in a car accident.

- $2.5 Million -

Settlement for a 40 year old home attendant who was travelling as a passenger on an MTA bus when she was struck in the head by a panel that fell from the interior of the bus.

- $2.45 Million -

Settlement for an immigrant whose vehicle was hit in the rear and pushed into a car in front of him. Client suffered a severe neck injury requiring surgery.

- $2.4 Million -

Compensation obtained for postal worker who underwent back surgery for injuries resulting from a heavy car crash.

- $2.4 Million -

Settlement recovered for a working father who was rear-ended by a delivery truck and suffered back injuries requiring surgery.

- $2.25 Million -

Verdict for an auto mechanic in his early 40s who injured his spine in a car accident. The defendant’s insurance company argued that our client’s injuries were pre-existing and refused to properly compensate him. Our trial attorney presented evidence at trial showing that the client had a resolved prior spinal injury and this car accident reactivated his back symptoms requiring him to have surgery.

- $2.25 Million -

Compensation obtained for a 33-year old construction worker who fell from a scaffold 10 feet down. Client sustained severe back injuries including a fracture that needed extensive medical treatment.

- $2.15 Million -

Settlement for a union carpenter who suffered brain and neck injuries when an unsecured piece of wood fell on his head. The insurance company denied liability claiming there were no witnesses to the accident. Our trial attorneys were able to establish that the defendants violated several sections of the Labor Law. A pre-trial settlement in the amount of $2.15 Million was obtained.

- $1.25 Million -

Compensation for a young retail worker who fell while exiting a transit bus due to a large pothole. Our office hired an expert and was able to establish that the bus failed to stop in a safe location causing her back and ankle injury. Our trial attorney secured full compensation from the NYC Transit Authority during jury selection.

- $1.2 Million -

Settlement for a nurse’s aid who slipped and fell on a wet floor while shopping at a supermarket. Our client sustained a permanent back injury that prevented her from performing her job duties. With the help of an expert – economist, we were able to obtain compensation for our client’s pain and suffering, past and future lost earnings as well as medical expenses.

- $1.2 Million -

Obtained for a disabled client who was a passenger in an access a ride vehicle when involved in a low speed car accident. Our client suffered from a prior neck injury and consistently reported neck pain within the year before the accident. Our team was able to get her full compensation by showing that her neck injury worsened from this car accident due to her increased susceptibility to develop chronic pain syndrome. Our trial attorney settled the case with the NYC Transit Authority on the eve of trial for $1.2 Million.

- $1 Million -

Settlement for a 20 year old immigrant who injured his shoulder and back when an NYPD cruiser rammed into his vehicle. Our client sustained severe injuries which required multiple surgeries. Our trial attorney was able to obtain a pre-trial settlement with The City of New York in the amount of One Million Dollars.

- $1 Million -

Settlement for an auto mechanic who’s prior back injury was severely aggravated in a car accident. The insurance company argued that the collision was too minor to cause any injury. Our firm hired an accident reconstruction expert to show that the impact was of sufficient force to aggravate our client’s prior back condition. The defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay our client a significant settlement of One Million Dollars.