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Personal Injury AttorneyAbout 97.9 million people visit the ER every year for unintentional injuries. Accidents can disrupt your life and damage your financial stability. At the Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates, P.C. law firm, we pride ourselves in aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights to compensation. 

If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, or other incident due to another individual or institution’s actions, we want to help you recover financial compensation. Understanding the advantages of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Queens, NY may help your decision to seek representation in your personal injury claim.

Settlements With a NYC Personal Injury Attorney

Some accident victims choose to represent themselves and collect a settlement alone. They may not realize the time, energy, and cost of fighting for compensation. The injuries and trauma following your accident can disrupt your life enough without you also having to contend with insurance companies. Working with personal injury attorneys takes the burden off of you and can make for a smoother and less chaotic legal process.

Actions New York Personal Injury Lawyers Take

A personal injury lawyer can navigate the complexities of personal injury law so you can focus on healing. Accident injury lawyers work for contingency fees. We finance the case and only receive a payment if you receive a settlement.

There are various actions our firm can take to improve your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.


We do not take a personal injury case we do not believe in. We screen our clients and the cases to ensure we have a high chance of winning. Unless you work in the personal injury legal field, you probably don’t have the resources or research that we have access to. We investigate so you don’t have to do it alone.


When you meet with a car accident lawyer, bring evidence of your claim with you. This includes medical records, police reports, witness testimony, and photographs of the accident or injuries. Collect anything you have that may help prove your case. If you do not have police reports, witness statements or other forms of evidence, we can help procure it.


A personal injury lawyer in New York City has a lot of experience with negotiation. We work with insurance companies regularly. We can review your policy and determine the compensation you deserve and that you can reasonably ask for based on the circumstances of the case.

Inexperienced plaintiffs may accept an insurer’s first settlement offer without recognizing the value of their case. We also can handle the communications and negotiations to ensure you do not compromise your award. When speaking with insurance companies, you have to be careful about what you say. For instance, explaining the accident or apologizing may look like an admission of guilt.


There is always a chance your case may go to trial. When insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement, a car accident lawyer in Queens prepares legal arguments that spell out why you deserve to receive damages from the defendant. If the defendant continues to refuse to settle, a trial becomes more likely.

Accident injury lawyers have experience with court procedures and customs that most people who aren’t legal professionals lack. We can help you meet each deadline and follow every step the court demands.

Compensation for Personal Injuries in New York City

There are various types of compensatory damages. Economic damages cover the financial losses, whereas non-economic damages involve putting a monetary value on mental or physical pain and suffering.

Medical Expenses

About one in seven Americans have difficulty paying medical bills. Following an accident, the costs may begin to stack up from:

  • Hospital stays
  • ER visits
  • Surgeries
  • X-rays and other imaging
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy

The economic damages associated with medical care include past, present, and future costs.  As your personal injury lawyer in Queens, we provide assistance in collecting payment for past and ongoing medical care. If necessary, we may use an expert witness in addition to your medical documents to strengthen your case.

Loss of Wages

Your injuries may restrict your ability to return to work. Mounting medical bills combined with lost wages create an unfair burden on accident victims. If your injury caused you to miss work, we can calculate the amount of pay you lost while out of work. In wrongful death cases, lost wages may include the financial support the decedent would have provided dependents.

Loss of Enjoyment in Life

Mental and physical injuries can limit how you live your life. For example, if you played music as a hobby but an accident restricts the use of your hands, it can have a devastating impact on your ability to enjoy life. As well, if you cannot perform normal functions throughout your day, it can impact your happiness and fulfillment. For instance, severe pain may affect your ability to practice good hygiene or remain awake throughout the day.

Loss of Earning Capacity

Where some victims need to take time off work following an accident, others may have difficulty returning to their former job. As accident injury lawyers, we consider the difference between your former earnings and your likely earnings following an injury. To prove the loss of earning capacity, we can take data from your previous earnings and compare them to your future earning capacity following the accident.

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