The Relation Between A Personal Injury Lawyer And Auto Accident Lawyer


After a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you might be researching information on the right type of attorney to hire. Hiring a Queens auto accident injury lawyer has many benefits, as it increases your chances of fair compensation.

Understanding Personal Injury Law

The primary area of focus for personal injury attorneys is Tort law. Tort law can be summed up in the following way: it is the area of the law dedicated to redressing the wrongful actions of another. This area includes victims of car accidents.

Auto accident attorneys concentrate on helping people injured from car accidents. Whether it be getting them lost wages, submitting No-Fault applications to get a person’s medical bills covered, or negotiating with insurance companies.

When victims file personal injury claims, their personal injury attorneys help them recover compensation for damages to them and their property. In addition, personal injury lawyers work with individuals and defend them against big corporations and any insurance company that might want to take advantage of them. Finally, personal injury attorneys aim to ensure the negligent party covers the victim’s damages. You can settle personal injury cases with or without going to court.

Personal injury law is quite different from other legal counsel. It covers several cases like car accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, truck crashes, dog bites, and many more. If you were hurt in an accident, you could choose to hire a personal injury lawyer.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer does for Victims

After a car accident or any other incident which results in a personal injury, most people feel vulnerable and confused about the next step to take. Readjusting after serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, or others can be difficult. In addition, dealing with medical costs and other expenses can be difficult.

This is where personal injury lawyers come into the picture. They have extensive experience dealing with these types of cases and will help you seek justice once you file a personal injury claim. Below are some of the things a personal injury lawyer does for clients.

They Explain the Process

The process of seeking financial compensation depends on the type of injury and how you sustained the injury. Additionally, there are many facets of the law that could be confusing to you. A personal injury lawyer will walk you through the statute of limitations that begins once the accident occurs, the rules surrounding negligence, and court procedures.

For example, New York law includes a pure comparative negligence law. This means even if you’re 51% at fault for the accident, your car accident attorney can still help you recover compensation. Your personal injury lawyer will explain how to file a claim after a car accident in Queens. They’ll also explain in detail what to expect and how to obtain the police report for your case.

They Provide Legal Advice

In addition to explaining your rights and the legal process to victims after a car crash, your personal injury lawyer will also provide legal advice about what you should and shouldn’t do while your case is in process.

Your attorney might advise you to seek medical treatment for car accident injuries. Doing this ensures the damages you’re claiming are backed up by medical records, and increases your chances of receiving maximum compensation for damages. Additionally, your lawyer would advise against providing any written statement to the insurance company or the negligent party. Attorneys will be present if and when it becomes time to give a statement.

They Carry Out Deep Investigation into Your Case

Personal injury lawyers understand the importance of investigation after car crashes. This is because it strengthen the argument for maximum compensation. Using medical records, pictures, and sworn statements, a personal injury attorney can work to negotiate higher offers from the insurance company.

They’ll Negotiate a Fair Settlement

One of the best parts of hiring a personal injury lawyer with experience in motor vehicle accidents is that they’ll negotiate compensation on your behalf. Personal injury lawyers have the expert knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies and other attorneys. They know how to collect the proper evidence and fight for maximum compensation.

An experienced attorney looks beyond the immediate effect of an accident. Unlike car accident victims who may only consider how their injuries affect them short term, an attorney considers the long-term impacts of the accident.

In most cases, you cannot reopen a personal injury case after it is settled. Therefore, your lawyer will ensure everything is taken into consideration before accepting an offer from the other party’s insurance company.

They’ll Represent You in Court

Although most injury cases settle out-of-court, there are times when the case proceeds to trial. Most times, this is because a fair settlement could not be reached. In such a situation, your personal injury law firm will represent you in court and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Although proceeding to court is rare in personal injury cases, it could happen when an insurance company’s offer is too low and they won’t budge. Your personal injury attorney knows your case thoroughly and can inform you what the litigation process will entail.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Queens

Below are essential steps to take after auto accidents; let’s take a look.

Dial 911

The first thing you should do immediately following a car accident is call 911. Whether you’re the car accident victim or the at-fault driver, calling the paramedics is crucial for your own health and safety You should also ask for a copy of the injury records and the police report for the car crash.

When you call 911, explain your location to them and the extent of your injuries. If there are passengers and other parties, ensure you also describe their injuries. Additionally, provide them with a description of the car accident scene.

File the Accident Report

Even if the car accident was minor, it is still beneficial to file an accident report with the proper authorities.

Make a Detailed List of What Happened

You should try to list everything you remember before the accident. If the at-fault party was involved in reckless driving or distracted driving, you can use this information to establish liability. If you remember any detail about the accident, like the driver breaking traffic laws, ensure you make a note of it, as it could be helpful later in the case.

Collect Evidence

Evidence like witness statements, videos, and recordings of the scene is vital to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Also, take photos of your vehicle to prove property damage, and keep records of your medical expenses and other expenses, as it’s essential in the calculation of your compensation.

Hire a Queens Car Accident Lawyer

Accident victims cannot handle the entire accident claims process on their own. Therefore, getting legal help is essential to increase your chances of fair compensation. A car accident attorney will explain your legal options and defend your rights. They’ll also help you begin the steps needed to seek compensation for your injuries.

Compensation You Can Get After a Car Accident

Compensation depends on several factors, including your level of negligence in the accident and the extent of your damages. Damages include:

  • Medical Care Bills: This covers the cost of medication, treatment, medical care etc. It would be included in your compensation if you suffered a serious injury and required long-term care.
  • Property Damage: Damage to your vehicle would also be calculated as part of the compensation to ensure a financial recovery after the car crash. Therefore keep records of repairs and replacements made after the accident.
  • Lost Wages: If you suffered severe injuries, such as neck and back injuries, and need time off work to recover after the accident, the wages lost during this period can be fought for.
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: For accident victims who suffer a permanent disability, it might be difficult to return to the same job and perform your duties. In such cases, your accident attorney will include loss of future earnings when calculating your compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering: As non-economic damage, the pain and suffering experienced due to injuries sustained from the accident will also be compensated by the insurance company.

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