Why You Need an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Queens, NY


Accidents are unpredictable and costly. Whether you were a pedestrian or a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle accident, your life can be significantly impacted. Automobile accidents can result in severe injuries that are potentially fatal and can result in permanent or temporary disability. These accidents can also result in financial losses such as lost wages, high medical bills, and car repair costs.

Truck Accidents in Queens, New York

Truck accidents are common in New York and can result in serious injuries to truck drivers. Truck driver fatigue and poor truck maintenance are the leading causes of Queens truck accidents. Other causes include abrupt stops, ignoring stop signs, and driving recklessly.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

  • Head injuries
  • Burns
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Internal damage
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries

In New York, injured truck drivers are entitled to compensation for their injuries resulting from an accident. An injured driver can seek economic and non-economic damages from the negligent driver who caused their injury(ies) by filing a personal injury claim. However, in order to receive full compensation for their injuries, truck accident victims must first prove that the other driver was at fault for the crash.

Truck accident cases are difficult and time-consuming to resolve. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney to file a claim is the right decision. Injury attorneys know the ins and outs of the personal injury claim process. They also serve to take a weight off of your shoulders so that you do not feel like you are navigating the arduous process alone. Truck drivers and victims of truck accidents are entitled to compensation for a variety of damages, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

Advantages of Hiring a Queens Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you been in a serious truck accident? The following are some of the advantages of hiring a Queens truck accident attorney.

Professional Legal Representation

Due to the complexity of large commercial vehicle accidents, professional legal representation is necessary. Filing a lawsuit while trying to heal from injuries can be exhausting. Hiring an experienced Queens personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, will ensure that you get quality legal representation, and will save you the hassle of dealing with legal matters on your own. An accident lawyer in Queens, NY who has handled numerous trucking accidents has the knowledge and expertise to effectively represent you in court and communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. Attorneys also provide legal advice to help you understand your rights and the details of your case. If you are involved in a truck accident, seek legal representation from a personal injury law firm. These firms have the necessary skills and experience to fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Investigation and Liability

Truck accidents, like most motor vehicle accidents, use investigations to gather evidence and determine liability. This process includes gathering witness testimonies, police reports, medical records, and photos of the victim(s) as well as the scene of the accident.

An experienced Queens truck accident lawyer with strong investigative skills can assist in determining liability and getting the insurance company to hold the responsible parties accountable. While the negligent truck driver may have caused the injury, the truck manufacturer or leasing company may also be at fault. An injury attorney may suggest an investigation into a company to ensure that they complied with the required upkeep and repair of automobile parts. A layperson may or may not consider taking the step to investigate the manufacturer and/or dealer, which is why hiring the right attorney is important.

Hold Negotiations with Insurance Companies

If you are involved in a truck accident in Queens, New York, the insurance company’s lawyers may try to deny you compensation outright, or throw you a “lowball” offer. Dealing with such companies and their legal teams can be stressful and overwhelming. Personal injury attorneys with years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies, on the other hand, understand how to handle these situations and can assist you in receiving maximum compensation. While you recover from your injuries, these legal professionals can effectively represent you and negotiate on your behalf. Queens truck accident attorneys will assist you in building a solid case by conducting investigations and providing substantial evidence to the insurance company, such as photographs, medical records, and witness testimonies. This will ensure that all of the proper protocols are explored and followed.

 Provide Legal Advice

Queens truck accident lawyers and law firms advise accident victims of their legal options. Many Queens accident victims are unfamiliar with New York personal injury law and are unaware of their rights and options. Attorneys can help assess the value of your case and explain how a vehicle’s policy information factors into compensation. Victims may be unsure of where or how to open a claim due to a lack of knowledge of personal injury law.

Handle Legal Technicalities

Most truck accident victims in New York struggle to navigate the legal system and thus seek the assistance of Queens truck accident attorneys. Handling truck accident cases, whether in court or through negotiations, is a lot of work. When filing a truck accident claim or lawsuit, several procedures must be followed, including gathering evidence, conducting investigations, and appearing in court. Experienced Queens truck accident attorneys are experts in such legal matters and will handle these procedures and other complexities in the litigation process with ease.

Take Away

Do you need a truck accident lawyer in Queens, New York? We provide aggressive personal injury legal representation for truck accident victims at Eliot Ifraimoff & Associates, PC. We also handle motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, construction accidents, and slip and fall cases.

When looking for a lawyer, experience is essential. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified lawyers with over 60 years of combined experience. Our Queens accident attorneys have extensive expertise and legal experience handling trucking accident cases and have assisted numerous injured victims in obtaining compensation. We also provide our clients with free consultations and case evaluations. Contact us right away for expert legal counsel and representation in your personal injury case.