Operation Safe Block

Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates, P.C. is proud supporter of Operation Safe Block. Operation Safe Block is an organization that has been dedicated to improving the lives of children living in Queensbridge. Over the past 11-years, the organization has been able to provide enriching activities that have broadened the children’s horizons and helped them develop a love for exploring new places, ideas and experiences.

Operation Safe Block’s mission is to foster a safe and secure environment for the underserved youth of Queensbridge by incorporating educational and real-life experiences with the aim to instill essential skills to empower these youth to make positive choices and avoid negative influences. Their believe is that every young person deserves the opportunity to build a solid foundation of self-worth and grow into a responsible and productive member of society.

Operation Safe Block is committed to making a positive impact in our community by empowering and inspiring our youth to reach their full potential.

Queensbridge nonprofit Operation Safe Block takes local kids on trip to Universal Studios